Online Self Paced Education Model

*note - this training does not meet requirements for Commercial Pesticide Applicator ReCertification. Please contact MDA for a list of training opportunities.

In order for a private applicator to renew their certificate, they are required to attend an MDA-approved recertification training session during the last year of the current certification period.

Recertification training provides applicators with new information on pest control, health and environmental safety, pest management technology, and changes in pesticide laws and regulations to help the applicator continue to use pesticides safely and effectively.

This training meets the two hours of pest or pesticide related topics as determined by MDA and UME.

Following completion of this recertification session UME will provide MDA with verification of attendance for each individual seeking recertification credit. Upon receiving the verification of attendance, MDA will update each private applicator's training records. Renewal information is issued in late November to applicators that have satisfied the training requirements and whose private applicator certificates are about to expire.

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About this Online Class

UME Educators have created presentations and videos provided in this online course. Each presentation has three questions to complete which you will be prompted at the end of the recording. Complete the full two hours and you have met recertification training requirements. Your name will be submitted to MDA for renewal. When it is time to renew your license MDA will send a renewal. Until you have paid for your renewal your license is not considered renewed for the next three years.